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Halloween Havoc! - Oct 31, 2008

This was a random scavenger hunt event, where over two hundred pumpkins were teleported to random places on the game. Players participating had only one rule - find and collect as many pumpkins as possible!

The event was scheduled to start at 7 pm system time (8 pm EST), but due to a minor setup snafu this was delayed until approximately 7:15 pm system time. The event lasted approximately three hours and involved over 60 players.

The pumpkins were either a trick or a treat:

  • About a quarter of the total contained gold of varying amounts.

  • About a quarter contained a trick of some sort (nothing lethal.)

  • About half contained a piece of equipment, a scroll, or a potion.

  • And best of all, three contained a special token.

The equipment was donated by mortal players of the gods Morpheus, Glorida, Dentin, and Ralithune. At least two dozen pieces of old school no-load equipment was donated by Dentin from extremely old storage characters.

Every player that found a pumpkin received a one-time deed for participating, as well as whatever happened to be in the pumpkin. For the lucky token holders, there was an additional prize. There was also a second round where three more tokens were ported after the first set had been found.

Final Prizewinners - Tokens!

The three tokens were Black, Red, and Green. Players receiving tokens received an additional deed, and were given a choice of several items from one of Morpheus' upcoming areas. For all of these items, none had been previously seen by mortals. The selection order was Black, Red, then Green, regardless of what order the tokens were found in.

The first round token winners are:
  • Craig, who found the Black token first.
  • Smith, who found the Green token next.
  • Tread, who found the Red token last.

The second round token winners are:
  • Psythe, who found the Black token first.
  • Blood, who found the Green token next.
  • Lokar, who found the final Red token.

Special Mention: Watery

As a bit of a joke, a pumpkin was put in the inner sanctum at the bottom of the Ruins on the northern continent. For Watery fought his way to it, only to find a trick instead of a treat. For being a good sport about it (the Ruins are exceptionally difficult), he was given a choice of the final remaining pieces of equipment.

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