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Zulu Exploration Quest - Sep 27, 2008

The goal of this quest was to get people out and have them explore possibly unfamiliar areas, as well as learn infrequently used a little better. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Final Prizewinners!

Here is a list of the major prize winners for this system event. First prize is a god enchant of any arbitrary piece of equipment; all other prizes are a god enchant of a single weapon.

  • First place - Tyrant
  • Second place - Fix
  • Third place (first to reach all locations in part 1) - Watery
  • Consolation prize "Most persistent" - Phalange
  • Consolation prize "Going it alone prize" - Eilonwy

Entrance prize winners for part 1. Each point is worth 25k gold and 250k experience. The major prize winner for this part (Watery) is not eligible for the entrance prizes.

  • 5 woem
  • 5 watery
  • 5 tyrant
  • 5 fix
  • 5 eilonwy
  • 5 cria
  • 5 bser
  • 4 snowpup
  • 4 sandman
  • 4 moose
  • 4 ganji
  • 4 estuan
  • 2 phalange
  • 2 lilmike
  • 2 kiarn
  • 2 darth
  • 2 arari
  • 1 ox
  • 1 madrox
  • 1 killo
  • 1 cagalli
  • 1 bloodbath
  • 1 abaet
Entrance prize winners for part 2. Each point is worth 100k gold and one million experience. The major prize winners for this part are not eligible for the entrance prizes.

  • 5 woem
  • 5 kiarn
  • 5 cria
  • 5 bser
  • 3 watery
  • 3 sandman
  • 1 ganji

Click here for Raw Scoring Data for this event.

Event Information - Ground Rules

This event will be in two parts - the first part a 'collect them all' type, and the second part a staged 'get to each checkpoint' part.

The tracking of most things in this event will be via board postings, and where possible I will use the timestamp of posted messages to verify when people arrived at a particular board.

  • Do NOT post on any board more than once or with more than one multi. One player/one character for the purposes of this quest - if I catch you posting with a multi to get the multi the reward, I'll disqualify all your characters.

  • Don't be a jerk. If you're caught pulling a Ranko and preventing others from reaching the board, you and all your characters will be disqualified from the whole event.

  • The goal of this is partially to get people to explore uncommon regions and areas. Summoning in other players who can't be bothered to walk there or explore is going to make me more likely to lower the rewards, but helping someone explore the zone and walk there will do the opposite.

Event Information - Part 1

I will post a list of specific rooms, with some approximate area location information. In each of these rooms will be a board. You have one hour (until the game time is 3:00) to get to as many of these places as you can and post your name on the board.

I'll base the rewards on how many people find the board and how much summoning I see. If you summon in all your friends to help them get the board, I'll nerf the reward for that board. If your friends explore and find the board anyway, that's a different story.

Here are the room listings for the first part of the quest.

  • "A large, open chamber" - Redfernes Palace, above Gad's mountain, on the island of Archais.

  • "The druid amphitheatre" - in the far northeast regions of the Ash Mountains.

  • "The lair of Bagook" - this cave is in the north face of the dwarven mountain, just south of the Ash Mountain foothills. Note that Bagook is aggro, but can't see invis and won't attack above 25 or so charisma.

  • "Before a rack of scrolls" - in a mallorn tree north-west of Trinsic.

  • "A small campfire in the woods." - west of Ralnoth. Note that this is a waypoint, some of you may have it already.

Good luck! I'll be tallying up the posts on the boards later, based on the posted timestamps.

Event Information - Part 2 Description

This part of the event will be for the most part contained within one area, but it's a fairly nasty area with a lot of non-linear exits and no reasonably close waypoint. I expect small groups with summoners to be the most effective way to explore this zone.

  • I'll give the area name, approximate location, and a specific room location. You have half an hour to find your way to the exact room, either individually or in groups.

  • The first person or group to get there will get a prize, though for large groups (more than 4-6 people) I'll probably split it or reduce it somewhat. Please post on the board in the room to mark your presence, and if you're with a group post the members of the group.

  • At the end of the half hour, I'll record everyone who is standing in the room, and post directions to the next area and location. Make sure everyone who wants to get credit is in the room at the end of the time period.

I expect based on who makes it to the boards first that there will be a clear and obvious winner. For that winner, I will god enchant one single piece of equipment. Depending on how things work out, there may be a couple of consolation prizes. Things I'm considering are "learned the most", "closest call", and "most spectactular failure", but there's no guarantee I'll give any of these out. For consolation prizes, I will god enchant a single weapon.

Most of the areas will be high level, and may be difficult for those under level 30. Even high levels may wish to group so as to tear through the monsters you'll come across. They won't be stupidly high level, but they'll serve to be irritating.

At the end, I'll go through everyone I recorded as being in the right place at the right time, and divvy up experience, practices, and gold. If there are a lot of people present, I'll start reducing the amount that people get, but I really only expect that to happen if there's mass summoning.

For this part of the event, PPK in the final rooms is not allowed. Hopefully the rooms will be flagged, but if they are not, don't screw with other ppks. PPK outside the final rooms is fine.

Event Information - Part 2 Locations

(These event locations were posted every half hour for those who were able to get to the previous event location.)

  • System Event - Part 2, First Location
    "The Chamber of Meditation", north of the elder shaman in Zulus.
    You have until 3:30 pm system time to get there.

  • System Event - Part 2, Second Location
    "The sheltered clearing", hidden in the elephant grass.
    You have until 4:00 pm system time to get there.

  • System Event - Part 2, Final Location
    "The Zulu trading store", in the zulu city
    You have until 4:30 pm system time to get there.

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