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I have found that when I run solo, it is not always important to run mobs that will give you the maximum of experience points for kills. My thinking runs like this. In essence I will get 40000 more experience points for doing the first run and it won't be as dangerous as the second run may be. This may not seem like a big difference in experience points, but to my eyes, every little bit counts. However, it should be noted that this is for only experience point runs. Not equipment or deed runs.

  • If I can kill 20 mobs which give me 100000 per kill before I have to regenerate, if say my max is 160000, that will get me 2000000. I will chose this run over the following one.
  • Running 10 mobs that give me 160000 before I have to regenerate, my max experience points per kill, which will only get me 1600000.
As your character becomes stronger you will be able to do more than these examples may show. I know of several players that can run massive amounts of experience points rather quickly and regenerate less. The key is to see what your character is capable of and work with him/her.













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