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Personal Note: Being a newbie is not a bad thing in my mind. I happen to enjoy taking new players around and giving them some help in dealing with the basics of the mud. However I have noticed that there are several new players that just don't want to listen during these excursions. Needless to say, I don't take them out after that first run. As a newbie I was assisted by several players, and I have attempted to show my gratitude by helping other newbies who show up. If someone is willing to take you around and show you a bit about the game, or even just to take you on experience runs, show them some respect and listen to what they have to say. It may just be worth your time, and save you on the amount of times you die and have to find your corpse again.

Also, it is important to note that these guides and suggestions I am giving here, are my own personal ideas and not written in stone. It just happens to be the way I run and may not reflect your personal style of playing. Basically, if they don't work for you, don't use them.


  • Read help pages. (Suggested help files to look at.)
  • Go through the basics (either in Mud-U or Old Mud School).
  • Read boards for help.
  • Use newbie channel for asking questions when the answer can't be found in the help pages.
  • Explore the world.
  • If you die, attempt to get your corpse first.
    (Note: On your first death, your corpse will be in recall with you automatically)
  • Show other players the same respect you expect them to show you.


  • Gossip for someone to run you for experience points more than once.
  • Gossip for someone to run you for equipment.
  • Use newbie channel for chatting with friends.
  • Spam any channel.
  • Ask for corpse retrieval (CR) with out attempting to get it on your own first.

Mud University is a good place to begin your adventure into the realm of Alter Aeon. In this area you can find good equipment as well as get good experience points to help build your character. Explore this area fully as it is a nice scaled down version of what to expect of the world outside.

Once you have completed your exploration through either Mud University or Old Mud School then I would suggest finding the "The Unholy Temple of Dentin" and using the pray command. This is where most of the players recall to. The following is a short list of places to visit with in or around Ralnoth. All of these directions will be from the "The Unholy Temple of Dentin".

  • Cleric Guild Master: s, w, n, w
  • Mage Guild Master: 2s, 2w, 2s, e
  • Warrior Guild Master: 2s, 2e, s, e, s
  • Thief Guild Master: 4s, e, s, e, s
  • Fishing Village: 2s, 5e, 3n, 4e
  • Newbie Forest: 2s, 5w, s
  • Orc Village: 14s, 2e, 2n, e, n













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