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-June 2, 1998: The Dark Forest East (The area not the page) got way more dark and a lot less east. Relative Directions were installed, meaning instead of east and west it behaves from a first person view (i.e. you go left and right). Many people complained because no change is greeted with 100% agreement. It fits the premise of the area, but some who have yet to grow accustomed to it don't seem to like it. Dentin said in response "I had always envisioned DFE as a place that was really dark and nasty, where the sun never makes it to the forest floor, and where its difficult if not impossible to tell where the hell you are if you lose the path."

-May 12, 1998: Kenai logged I even have to tell you?

-May 4, 1998: Wor of Clan Dragon committed newbiecide. He claims that the victim stole a dear peice of eq, and that he was only acting in self defense.

-May 4, 1998: Kenai logged on news is slow.

-May 3, 1998: Dentin logged on drunk. He was rip roaring drunk at that!

-April 29, 1998: Kenai logged on with full intentions of getting drunk.

-April 29, 1998: Many players got fed up with the sudden craziness over cleaning up gossip to the G Rated point. A greasy little post was made by some little whiny bird. Gossip and Avatars is now over there at that Pit type thing.

-April 26, 1998: The coding for mortal avatars were installed. This followed a long conference debating how the most effective way to alleve the animosity and hatred felt lately on the public channels. Since gods are not always around, and when they are usually have channels off, this should allow better control. Mortal Avatars have the ability to temporarily take a person's gossip, emoting/social ability, and outright silence them.

-April 18, 1998: Kenai logged on drunk.

-April 17, 1998: The automated auctioning and bidding system suggested by Laud and I has been installed. See 'help auction' and 'help bid' for details.

-April 17, 1998: The Unstable Entity Handling System™ has been installed. Hopefully it'll be much easier to cause world-shattering errors now.

-April 17, 1998: We were raping Hephestus with large groups healing our 1000hp tank using sleeping gcasters, Dentin saw this, along with every other group who gcasts, and removed the ability to gcast while asleep. "You can't really concentrate on group casting a spell when you are sleeping now can you?" said Kismet, Level 30.

-April 17, 1998: Clan Dues were lowered to 10+X gold where X is the number of members in the clan. Someone up there must be getting soft on clans...

-April 16, 1998: The Quest of the Good Samaritan began, sponsored by the Bored Morts Association™. "It is my duty to prevent the BMA from growing" said Islaine, Chairwoman of the BMA

-April 12, 1998: Locks were majorly redone. Now allowing for lots of extensive flags on locks, as well as locks working on containers better.

-April 12, 1998: The Flame channel was installed at my request, FLAME ON! When asking myself for a few words on the channel, I said, "Hopefully we'll have a place to talk peacefully now, since all the cussers and flamers will be on gossip."

-April 12, 1998: The Bored Mortal Association™, headed by Islaine, in association with the Bored Immort Helper Association™ has administrated the first annual Alter Aeon Easter Egg Hunt™.

-Kenai logged on drunk.

-Islaine won herself a little quest, scoring her a room in Castle Dragnok. All hail Queen Islaine!!!

- The Southern Road was shifted around a little bit, if you're not a speedwalking smeg it shouldn't be a problem.

-March 25, 1998: The Imperial City needs a new, spicy name. Post your suggestions up, north, north, west, north of The Unholy Temple of Dentin.

- Kenai logged on drunk.

-March 21, 1998: Bloodwar, the pk tournament, was postponed. Slayer is now in charge of it, gripe to him. It is tentavely slated for this Saturday, and the costs have been severely lowered. Those already registered will be refunded the extra money, and still retain there entry. See the board up from The Unholy Temple of Dentin for more details.

- Dentin recently took a road trip, and visited a few players. Odds are one of them wasn't you though, me neither, cuz people like us just ain't cool enough.

-March 12, 1998: Cast level's effect was halved. When the citizens of Alter Aeon complained Dentin took it out completely. Not to worry, though, it has been reinstated, but still at half-strength.

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