What is Alter Aeon?

Alter Aeon is a free, on-line text adventure game. Players can connect to the game with any regular telnet program, or with one of many specialized gaming clients. Most computers have a version of telnet installed by default, but most telnet programs are of poor quality (most notably the Microsoft Windows versions.) Using the telnet protocol allows practically anyone in the world to connect to the game, regardless of the type or speed of their computer. Almost any computer connected to the internet can access Alter Aeon.

For a list of more advanced clients, you might want to look at the programs listed on our How To Connect page. There are clients for almost all types of computer and operating system. There are also several types of intelligent clients, specially designed for playing Muds.

For history buffs, here is an old version of the 'How to Connect' web page from the 1998 series web pages:

Historical Archives (1998) - How To Connect

Alter Aeon Help Page Search

The entire help system for Alter Aeon is now on-line and searchable! Search for topics such as spells or clans. You can also view pages at random with this link.

Help pages are updated weekly with new entries and improvements.

Slamin's Alter Aeon Philosophy

Slamin is an established builder and god in the world of Alter Aeon, and his Philosophy pages can help guide you in your travels through the world. There are a lot of tips for new and established players, as well as advice on how to interact and successfully group with others.

Caesar's Alter Aeon Info Page

The official unofficial players' help page. Brought to you by Caesar, maintained for the players by the players. This is a very good page, brought to you by a very knowledgable and friendly player.

Alter Aeon Frequently Asked Player Questions

You can find answers to common questions asked by players here. These are questions usually asked by players already familiar with the game - new players may not find much of value here until they play the game for a while.

Scribe's Web Page

The above link leads to Scribe's version of the alter aeon site. It is not the official site, but is hosted on the same server. While incomplete, it has a number of interesting things for advanced players to look at.

The New Official AA Web Page!

This is the current official web site for Alter Aeon, with the most recent updates and information about the game.

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