The History of Lawful Evil

The Beginning of Clan Lawful Evil
as told by Darklord

You are our Brethren. You have inherited a grand institute. I urge you to serve the Clan by learning our Origin. Take upon yourselves the Lore of the Clan. Live it and add to it, by either posting your own stories of your existance in the time frame in this story or using our story as a basis for your description. Long live ~Lawful Evil~ !!!

In the beginning, there was Dentin. And Dentin was wise beyond his days, and he did see it fit to make a MUD. And so Dentin made the MUD Alter Aeon. And Dentin saw that it was good and did make creatures like unto himself, called Immortals. And Dentin and the Immortals conversed amongst themselves, and did determine to make Mortals, creatures like unto Immortals, but who lived and died naturally. Thus, Alter Aeon did grow, populated by Dentin, the Immortals, and Mortals.

Alas, after a time a spirit of contention did sweep the world of Alter Aeon. The Mortals sought to make themselves masters of their own and polarized into two camps: Good and Evil. (It was during this Time of Allegiance that Sauron, leader of the Forces of Evil, summoned me from the lower planes to be his second-in-command.) Hatred spawned and fermented, and War quickly followed. Immortals soon entered the fray. Though immune to Mortal weapons, Immortals could kill each other. Dentin forbade it, though many Immortals paid little mind.

During this time of Chaos, a small, elite faction of demi-gods and the Orcish Hordes that served them entered into fealty with Sauron, my liege-lord at this time. These Dark Knights of Oblivion did the bidding of the Evil One with unparelleled percision and were always triumphant in their campaign against the Good Immortals and the Forces of Good. So successful were the Dark Knights that their own allies were made jealous, and the Humans of the Southern Lands betrayed them in battle and fled before the Elves of Trinsic. Even without the Southerners to aid them, the Dark Knights and the Horde fought valiantly against armies that equaled their number tenfold. In the end, half their company slain, the Forces of Good overwhelmed the Horde, scattering the Orcs and capturing the Dark Knights.

The bound Dark Knights were brought before Llane, leader of the Forces of Good. Even before this mighty Immortal the Dark Knights remained defiant, angering Llane and the Good Immortals. Just before Llane was about to kill them, Dentin, who had remained neutral in the War, intervened on behalf of the Dark Knights, forbidding the Good Immortals from slaying their own kind. Llane was unwilling to defy Dentin in his very presence and incur his wrath so instead, they were stripped of their immortality, cursed, and banished to a distant land in the North where they remained in captivity until the Fall of Sauron. (Without the power of Sauron to bind me to this dimension, I drifted back to the lower planes of my origin.)

Masterless, the Dark Knights discussed amongst themselves what they would do. Clans were installed in Alter Aeon at this time, and the Knights rallyied behind the strong and wise Ogre-Mage Evilavatar and I--under us, the Dark Knights of Oblivion formed a clan, the Clan of Evil. (It was during the initial stages of organizing and creating the clan that I was conjured from the lower planes and pressed into servitude again.) Remembering their betrayal, Evilavatar instituted a code of allegiance, in which Honor would be of the utmost importance. Because of the code of allegiance amongst them, they became known throughout the land as Clan Lawful Evil. Evilavatar and I gathered the scattered remnants of the Orcish Hordes and acquired new allies with other evil beings. We buildt our home area in the Realm of the Twisting Nether.

Here Darklord has recorded the names of the First Ones:

A half-Orge, created in the Underworld by demons, Evilavatar is a huge monstrousity who was originally a Dark Knight of Oblivion and a general in the Orcish Hordes. With his curse, his magical properties were taken from him, although he self-taught himself how to wield evil magiks and is quite a formidable mage as well as skilled in the art of combat from his Ogre ancestry. It was Evilavatar who first thought of the concept of Clan Lawful Evil.

I am Nazgul, supernaturally created in the Underworld by Orcish magiks. I originally was in the service of Sauron, and after his Fall Evilavatar became my master. Forever I must walk this dimension, and, as an evil creature by nature, my allegiance to Evilavatar is unending. My extraplanar existance makes me unnaturally strong and tough, and my experience makes me a natural leader.

Ironfist is Human, though a twisted and evil warrior/warlock. He was a Dark Knight of Oblivion during the First War, and continues to be one now. Though primarily a warrior, he is skilled in fire elemental spells. His right hand was lost during this War and replaced by an iron gauntlet, henceforth his name. His identity before the War is unknown.

A mighty general in the Orcish Hordes, after the Fall of Sauron much of Gisco's legions were destroyed and his prestige faltered. Though once a pure Orc, Gisco's experiments with Alchemy and the vile arts of Necromancy have mutated him into something even more disgusting and dangerous. Gisco the Necromancer is equally skilled at both combat and evil cleric spells.

Though not really a First One, Pinky's role in early Clan development makes her worthy of mention. Pinky is a Human brigand of the East who served the Forces of Evil during the First war. Though the Southreners fled before the Elves, Pinky remained with the Horde and fought alongside the Dark Knights until their capture. Unlike most, Pinky escaped captivity and wandered the Lands of the Far East until learning of the Clan of Evil, with whom she joined soon after its creation. Pinky's field of expertise lies in thievery and assassination.