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The Alter Aeon Literary Guild has closed. Firebird, the Webmaster there has given the pages to me, with which I am to make the new Alter Aeon Site. I thank Firebird immensely for his work, and will maintain all the features that he implemented. The Newbie Forest however, under Firebird's direction was given to Islaine. Her site is taking a very promising direction.

Scribe, Webmaster

Dear Readers,

I thank you for all the hits and links to my page. I've spoken briefly with Scribe via email and we get along really well. He's got an account on my home machine so he logs on to their to retrieve the files and chat with me. He's got great plans for this page, something along the lines of a new official Alter Aeon Site. Hell, if you're looking at this it's probably up. I'll stop by occasionally, might even do a little editing myself...but plans for another site are in the works. A real Alter Aeon Literary Guild is in the works, I'll keep you updated here. I think I left another farewell letter on the angelfire site, so go check that out too: Old site. Happy reading.

Firebird, former Editor

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