Gollum's Ruby

One day, the mage shopkeeper didst display for sale a valuble ruby, and Gollum did behold the ruby, and the ruby gained favor in the eyes of Gollum. And Gollum didst think to himself, "I doth wish to acquire this ruby, yet I have not the gold to pay for it." And thus Gollum did enlist the aid of Tarrant, in an effort to take the ruby by force. And so Gollum and Tarrant entered the magick shoppe, and gollum did threaten the mage to give up the ruby. And when the mage did not yield to the threats, Gollum didst brandish his cane, and did strike the mage squarely on the head with a mighty *BAP*. And Gollum, Tarrant, and the shopkeeper didst trade many blows. Gollum and Tarrant were forced to retreat from the shop, and stopped in the street to rest and tend their wounds. And lo, the mage did come out into the street while they were sleeping, and did sayeth, "be gone, ye hoodlums!" and proceeded to summon forth a magical field of fire. And the Gollum and Tarrant did retreat to the safety of the Unholy Temple of Dentin, and the poor Pinky that happened to be nearby did withdraw to the chamber of meditation to recover from her burns. And lo, the notorious brigand Osaka did appear, and lend his assistance to their cause. The Gollum, Tarrant, and Osaka did band together, and cast mighty hexes upon the mage, and slew him in the streets of ralnoth. And thus the Gollum did acquire the coveted ruby, and all was well.
The End.

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