<849hp 680m 331mv 78ac>
[gnosis] Funk: Well, for the past couple weeks, it's been pretty cold up here, which is 
normal for Alaska.

<849hp 680m 333mv 78ac>
[gnosis] Funk: Where I work, in the Warehouse, we have some steps, and a little bit of a 
foyer, all concrete, mind you.

<849hp 680m 333mv 78ac>       
[gnosis] Funk: So one morning, I came in about 2 hours early(not to get work done, to 
figure out how to collapse the building without incriminating myself) and I decided I'd
inconvenience the rest of the people that work there.

<849hp 680m 333mv 78ac>gno mmm I like where this is going.
[gnosis] Tarrant: mmm I like where this is going.

<849hp 680m 332mv 78ac>
[gnosis] Funk: So I took one of our 35 gallon trash bins and filled it with water.  And 
promptly dumped it onto the foyer.

<849hp 680m 332mv 78ac>
[gnosis] Funk: I didn't expect what I got.

<849hp 680m 332mv 78ac>
[gnosis] Funk: I guess that common sense is a virtue that far fewer people than I assumed 

<849hp 680m 333mv 78ac>                                   
[gnosis] Funk: Needless to say, around 7:25 when people started showing up, I heard not 
four, but five people fall down the stairs.  The second two, I even cautioned(albeit late, 
it's the thought that counts, right?) while smoking a cigarette rather smugly.

<849hp 680m 333mv 78ac>gno :)    
[gnosis] Tarrant: :)

<849hp 680m 332mv 78ac>
[gnosis] Funk: The best part was when my boss fell down the stairs.

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