The Underdark

An extensive network of tunnels and caverns connect the lands of Alter Aeon. These caves, while consisting of many different areas, are collectively reffered to as "The Underdark."

A Bestiary of The Underdark

Giant Spiders The spiders that live in dark forest east have constructed a nest in the caverns nearby. The nest is swarming with giant wolf spiders, and small white backstabbing spiders. In the center of the nest, the queen is tended to by her brood.

Cave Trolls The caves north of dark forest east are inhabited by these gruesome humanoids. The trolls here are smaller and much less feirce than their swamp-dwelling cousins.

Troglodytes Deeper in the caverns of dark forest east, beyond the cave trolls, the troglodytes have construced a city. The reptillain creatures will attack any outsiders, so the ability to sneak is a must. A high degree of pickpocketing may also be necessary, as the lizard men tend to steal their opponent's weapons.

Tyranids In a ravine to the southwest of dark forest east, there is a cavern that houses a hive of warrior-like humanoid insects. The brood queen in the center of the hive is heavily guarded by many strong Tyranid warriors.

Dwarves Below the rocky hills far to the southeast of ralnoth is a kingdom of dwarves. Of all the underdark inhabitants, the dwarves are perhaps the most hospitable towards strangers. Travellers to the dwarven kingdom are unlikely to find trouble, unless they come looking for it.

Dwarven Ruins The ruins of ancient dwarven cities are located deep in the mines connected to the dwarven kingdom. The ruins are home to a host of undead.

The Labyrinth The Labyrinth, or as Dentin calls it "500 rooms of the wrong way," is located underneath the undead city of Jo'Kerin. Among the beasts dwelling there are minotaurs, bugbears, giant centipedes and scorpions, and hydras. At the end of the maze resides a great undead dragon and its demonic servants.

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