The City of Ralnoth

Ralnoth is a thriving city and is essentially the heart of Alter Aeon. New characters start in either The Mud University or The Old Mud School, both of which are located in Ralnoth. In the center of Ralnoth is the Temple of Dentin, which is the recall point for most of the characters in the game.

The Inhabitants of Ralnoth

Thantos the Executioner Thantos the Executioner is an angel of death that resides in the Temple of Dentin. The cloaked, scythe-wielding creature waits silently in the temple to do his master's bidding.

The Guildmasters There are four guildmasters residing in Ralnoth to train the adventurers in Alter Aeon. Their locations, from the Temple of Dentin, are as follows:
The Warrior Guildmaster:-s s e e s e s-
The Thief Guildmaster:-s s s s e s e s-
The Mage Guildmaster:-s s w w s s e-
The Cleric Guildmaster:-s w n w-
There are also others in Ralnoth who will teach various skills. There is a ranger who teaches the ways of the wilderness, an alchemist who teaches the art of brewing potions, and an old sailor who teaches the ways of the sea.

The Shopkeepers The streets of ralnoth contain many shops where tools that a beginning adventurer needs can be found. The Mage's Shop, located on main street, is perhaps the most useful, selling items like potions of strength and scrolls of identify. Also on main street are the armorer, weaponsmith, and general store. The leather worker's shop and the Grubby Inn are located in the poor alley. Shops on Wall Road include the tailor, alchemist, The Tarnished Penny, and the bank.

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