The Dragons of Alter Aeon

Kha'Khessir the Ancient Black Dragon The acid-breathing black dragon sleeps in a cave in the Aggerazi swamps. In addition to breathing acid, this dragon is also an adept magic user, with many offensive spells and the ability to heal itself.

Lux, the Great Red Wyrm Lux lives inside a volcano in the Ash Mountains, in a cavern protected by four powerful wards. The wards are designed to split up groups of adventurers that would try to fell the beast.

Rhug'guari the Jade Dragon Rhug'guari is an aquatic, lightning breathing serpent that resides in a lake in a hidden valley in the Ash Mountains. While one dragon alone is fearsome enough, the lake this one inhabits is swarming with devilfish, a group of which can tear a powerful warrior apart very quickly.

Mhar'huann the Green Dragon Mhar'huann's lair lies in the forested hills to the west of Ralnoth. The poison breathing beast often leaves its cavern to eat any hill giants wandering nearby.

Sarr'toth the Blue Wyrm The blue lightning dragon makes its home on the cliffs to the west of the undead city Jo'Kerin. Adventurers that try to brave this creature usually end up fleeing and falling off a nearby cliff.

Shi'Shi'Karharan the Young Dragon A pryamid in the jungles near Daigaku Tatami contains a sealed chamber where Shi'Shi'Kaharan sleeps. Powerful magics keeps the dragon sealed away.

The Dracolich The Dracolich sits atop a stone monolith in the center of a huge labyrinth. The sorcerers and skeletal demons that serve the dracolich wander the huge chamber where the monolith stands.

Sei'Saarak the Time Dragon A cursed being from another world, the Time Dragon conquered Grae Keep in the northern realm, and has since been sealed away by a great wizard, hopefully contained for all eternity.

The Deep Dragon Even the might of the most fearsome creatures of Alter Aeon pales when compared to the Deep Dragon. By far the most powerful of the dragons, the Deep Dragon has polymorphed itself, and hides in the form of a human.

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