Dark Forest East

The dark forest to the east of Ralnoth poses may dangers to less experienced travellers. As with many regions of Alter Aeon, adventurers that do not wish to brute force their way through every room would be advised to have a high charisma or be adept at sneaking. Forest navigation and the refresh spell are very useful in dark forest east.

A Bestiary of Dark Forest East

Wolves The wretched, starving wolves that wander in the forest and around the eastern road do not pose much threat to travellers. That said, the greater wolves that live in the foothills just east of the dark forest are much more dangerous. Even more dangerous is the werewolf that appears in the foothills at night.

Floating Eyes While they are far inferior to true beholders, these large, floating eyes are some of the more dangerous creatures in the dark forest. The floating eye has a gaze attack that blinds its opponents.

Giant Spiders The giant spiders of the forest will sometimes attack unwary travellers, but they are much less of a threat than the forrets and triphids.

Forrets A forret is a small, flying demon with six sets of claws. Despite its small size, a forret is suprisingly strong and vicious.

Triphids These swarms of flesh-eating insects will attack anyone that wanders nearby. While they are extremely aggressive and attack viciously, they can not hold up for long in combat.

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