I'm a builder. I make things, organize things, assemble things, understand things. I've also come to realize over the years that the best way to make the world better is to cooperate with others, encourage others to cooperate, and help others be more awesome. Many things in life are positive sum games, and since I do things for the long haul, I prefer to cooperate over defecting.

I obtained a degree in electrical engineering with minors in math, physics, and CS in 1997. In spite of my hardware background, I ended up being better at software, and have been working on the software side ever since. Software allows me faster and more interesting expression than physical things, but I still work with matter from time to time.

In my spare time, I sometimes play bass and sing in a cover band; I also run an online game server with a rather large contingent of visually impaired players. I have a black belt in Shaolin-Do Kung Fu, and have maintained a good portion of the material even though I'm no longer near a school.

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